Introduction to Business Management: Fresh Perspectives 3/E ePDF

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Musengi-Ajulu, S; Botha, S; Alsemgeest, L; Booysen, K; Bosch, A; Boshoff, S; Cunningham, P


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The third edition of Introduction to Business Management Fresh Perspectives is suitable for courses in Business Management. The book covers core theory on the business context across four parts, including the business environment, management theory, entrepreneurship, management tasks, business functions, and tools to manage in a changing environment. Each of the four parts is introduced with an infographic that provides an overview of the relevant topics.

The third edition places great focus on running a business in all sectors – private, government and not-for-profit – and highlights the current local and global context through up-to-date examples to activate learning and case studies that provide opportunity to apply what has been learnt regularly. The "Before you start" scenarios connect to students' existing knowledge and encourage them to think about key topics and to contextualise them. Greater student involvement is encouraged through use of frequent talking points to get students thinking about and discussing topical issues with their peers. After each major part, we spotlight employability and offer practical ideas on how students can map their career path and develop the relevant skills. To support students, easily referenced key terms are highlighted and explained. The chapter review includes a summary, critical reflection question, self-assessment questions and a case study relevant to the South African business environment. Prescribing lecturers have access to support material in the form of model answers to all in-chapter features, extension questions and PowerPoint slides of the main ideas and graphic material in the textbook.

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Country South Africa
Edition 3
Publication date Jan 6, 2023
Language English
Author(s) Musengi-Ajulu, S; Botha, S; Alsemgeest, L; Booysen, K; Bosch, A; Boshoff, S; Cunningham, P
Level/Grade Tertiary
Book Type Text Book
Brand Fresh Perspectives
Imprint Pearson South Africa
ISBN 9781485721352
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePDF
Format Fixed layout
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