Navigating Information Literacy in a Digital World 6/E Interactive ePUB

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Bothma, T; Cosijn, E; Fourie, I; Penzhorn, C


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Navigating Information Literacy in a Digital World, now in its 6th edition, has been fully redesigned to be "digital-first". This interactive eBook has been updated to cover the information skills and topics needed for academic study, the workplace and everyday life. Against these backdrops, it emphasises the importance of being an ethical and digitally responsible citizen in the global community.

Being information literate is no longer a "nice-to-have" skill; it is a skill essential to coping and succeeding in the 21st century. This eBook, therefore, covers a range of areas to ensure that the reader can become digitally literate. These areas include:
  • Information sources and resources;
  • Libraries and web portals;
  • Constructing a search query;
  • Searching the web, databases and online journals;
  • Organising and retrieving information on personal devices;
  • The ethical and fair use of information;
  • The importance of referencing;
  • Evaluating information sources;
  • Documenting information; and
  • Creating new knowledge.
It also includes a brand-new chapter on how to think critically about all the information with which we are presented in our post-truth world.

This edition has been designed with reader engagement in mind. Its key features include:
  • A brand-new road map that contextualises each chapter within the structure of the book;
  • Fully responsive and accessible design that is compatible across multiple devices;
  • "Information-on-demand" features including accordions and flip cards to help users minimise "information overload";
  • New introductory animations for each chapter that give the reader a snapshot of what to expect in the chapter;
  • Four new instructional videos;
  • Ten new interactive activities; and
  • Regular "Knowledge Check" and "Try it for yourself" activities at key points in the text.
About the authors
Prof. Theo Bothma, Dr Erica Cosijn, Prof. Ina Fourie and Dr Cecilia Penzhorn are all current or previous faculty members of the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. They all have vast experience in teaching many aspects of Information Science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

This eBook is a digital version of the printed book. Benefits of the interative ePUB format​ include:
  • The ability to view on a desktop computer, notebook or tablet;
  • As students adjust fonts, rotate and flip pages, content reflows to fit the device's screen giving the user a more flexible experience; and
  • Students can take notes, highlight and bookmark, and access video and audio for visual learning;
  • The interactive infographics summarise the content for an overview of the chapters.
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Edition 6
Publication date Dec 17, 2020
Language English
Author(s) Bothma, T; Cosijn, E; Fourie, I; Penzhorn, C
Level/Grade Tertiary
Book Type Text Book
Brand Not applicable
Imprint Pearson South Africa
ISBN 9781485709459
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePub
Format Reflowable
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